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Intuitive Healing

I am a Reiki Master and my principles are from the teachings of Dr Mikeo Usui, which has been passed down through generations and is widely used today to promote the healing of the mind, body and soul. Healing is a journey and a very personal one, as we all have undergone many difficulties that test our strength in living life through the physical. The understanding of Reiki means Universal life force energy, with which we are all connected. This beautiful flow of energy flows through all living things. When we are troubled, we can block this flow within our bodies, with symptoms presenting themselves through physical discomfort of the body and mind. There is usually a deeper meaning to any pain that may present itself in our present lives that can trigger our emotions which can put us out of balance, and Reiki helps release these blockages to allow our own bodies energy to flow more freely. Most stem back to early childhood and have passed down through generations or significant events in adulthood. Reiki helps release these blocks to allow our bodies to flow with harmony within creation and the flow of life. You can book your appointments through our bookings page.

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